Saturday, June 18, 2011


There is something about visualization that I have to say. Many people especially authors of self-help and postive thinking literature, talk about visualization as something magical and totally linked to the "Law of Attraction". They claim that all what they say is based on scientific facts, more accurately, quantum physiscs. The truth is that no real scientist agrees with what they say. Quantum physics doesn't really support those theories or ideas.
Visualization is essencial when it is about developing a mental capacity like remote influencing people. But the fact that you can visualize a house, for example, is not going to affect that house. No microparticles, no vibrations form that house are going to reach you just because you can visualize it. Your mind just can't directly affect the physical universe unless physical means  are used, that's your hands, feet, your tools, or somebody else's. But when you visualize something at will it becomes your goal and you decidedly go for it.
And what is also real is that a powerful mind can cause a great effect on other people's minds and living beings. But it doesn't mean you're going to use them like puppets, remote hypnosis for instance, doesn't work that way.

In spite of all the aforesaid, visualization has something magical when it is about remote influencing people's minds. I said magical, and I should say mysterious. Mysterious, because there is no scientific explanation --you shouldn't entirely believe what scientists say though. For instance, there are many who say that visualization is just a myth, may it cause some kind of effect or not, they say, it doesn't exist. Saying that visualization is not possible is absurd. What about your dreams at night?  I bet many of them are in full color and extremely real. Haven't you ever been woken in the middle of a dream?  When this happens you can be sure that you were seeing something with your mind's eye. The problem is that you had no control over the images that you were seeing. 
You don't need to be deeply asleep to see pictures with your mind's eye. All you need is concentration. Concentration is essencial when it is about visualization. You can also involve self-hypnosis. In fact, when you concentrate you predispose yourself to it. By doing this you can control your dreams. And all this begins by closing your eyes when you're in bed, and concentrating your attention, for example on an object.  If no picture starts taking shape in  your mind after a while, then start naming that object repeatedly, until it makes you sleepy. At that point that object starts taking shape in your mind. Of course, for beginners the images are very vague, but the more you practise the more defined and colorful they become. 

The following is a simple but effective concentration exercise. I recommend  practising it every day

  • Find a calm and peaceful place where you won't be disturbed.
  • Lie flat on your back. It is also a good idea to lie on sand.
  • Close your eyes. Cover your face with a cloth if there's bright light.
  • Don't cross your legs, keep them straight. Put your arms straight down by your sides, with the palms facing down.
  • Allow your body to relax. Spread fingers and toes.
  • Breathe in and out steadily, and keeping aware of your breathing. Feel your lungs filling with air. Exhale through your mouth.
  • Now while you're breathing, feel like your body is breathing. And while you're exhaling feel like your body is exhaling.
  • Start concentrating, focusing all your attention on a person, an idea, an object, or a landscape. It may be hard for beginners to maintain a good concentration, but it improves with practice.
  • Think of you as a spirit and go inside the person, idea, object, landscape or whatever you're visualizing. Let your feelings flow.
  • Come back to yourself. Count from 6 down to 0 and open your eyes.  


  1. Hi!
    I found your article interesting. I wanted to know if you can use this method to attract someone that you like towards you, even from long distances. If so, how would one go about doing this? Thanks,

  2. Hi Anand!
    First let me thank you for writing. And also I want to apologize for not having answered soon.
    The answer to your question is YES, YOU CAN. everybody can influence and attract someone they like towards them even from long distances. But that person MUST NOT be an obsession (of yours). An obsession is not a positive feeling, it's an addiction, and addictions block enormously your remote influencing capacity. An addiction to an emotion is even stronger than an addiction to a drug.
    You can feel much love for the person you want to attract, but you have to think of that person just as an option, a good option, the best option... that's O.K., but you must not be obsessed.
    You can use the method called "CONCENTRATION AND VISUALIZATION" and when you start focusing on the person you want to attract (towards you) begin by creating "Remote Rapport": Just keep your focus on that person until you have a clear picture in your mind. You will see that a color starts surrounding that person; let that color surround you. Remain standing in front of that person. Fill yourself with happiness and self-confidence. Then think of you as if you were a ghost and go inside as if taking possession of that person's body and thoughts. But you've got to be very subtle, self-assured, but subtle. You must not be imperative. You must not say nor think: "I'm taking possession of you", "I dominate you", etc., this is counterproductive, that's what makes many people fail --instead of attraction they get rejection.
    Well, once you're there start looking at you from that person's point of you. You've got to like what you see: your looks, your attitude, etc. Of course, you will feel that you'll need to improve certain things, such as projecting more positivism, etc. It is important to add that only one emission using CONCENTRATION AND VISUALIZATION works more effectively than if you spent all day thinking about that person.

    O.K., Anand. I'm sure this is going to be helpful. Please keep on following this blog. Many more secrets will be revealed. I'll resume posting and I'll do it more frequently. Thanks again.


  3. Its good to read this but cant see the color around the person whom i want to send love .How often should this practice be done?Will repeating i love you into this persons head area help? though i see very good response on some days,sometimes there is total indifference from that person.I know for sure that there is deep concern and love for me from that person but sometimes especially that person has bad mood,there is total rejection and
    hurtful isolating behaviour.Why this double minded reaction?