Sunday, May 22, 2011


Before going ahead I want to let you know that the memorization method is not going to be forgotten here. There are still many exercises and tricks that will be taught  at the end of most of the following posts.
This memorization method really helps exercise your brain by creating images that attract the subconscious mind's attention. And if you have read all the posts of this blog, now you can see that the images you create while you memorize are imagination, but not visualization.
The term visualization is especially employed to designate the images created and seen by your mind's eye while keeping your physical eyes closed.
In order to become a remote hypnotist or at least an effective remote influencing agent (also called remote influencer) you need to develop certain skills; and visualization is essencial in this process. You need to learn how to see pictures in your mind while your eyes are closed. This really tells you whether your conscious mind and your subconscious mind are working together on the same purpose. And besides,  once you can visualize a determined peson's face the possibilities of influencing this person effectively reach a very high percentage. A good visualizer can reach over 80%, and this keeps improving with practice. The influencing effect is not felt by the person influenced as if they were possessed by another person's mind or will. Sometimes they get distracted; that's why it is dangerous to do influencing if you're not sure that this person is in a safe environment. For example, if a person is driving, it is very dangerous to influence them. You MUST BE CAREFUL especially when you discover that your influencing effect starts becoming strong.
You need a rigorous discipline in order to make your influencing strong. Remember that you need to memorize, visualize, develop a powerful will, and learn how to concentrate. I guess you're starting to see why all these things are completely related.

All self-help and positive thinking speakers talk about visualization and they say that it is necessary and effective so as to help you reach your goals. But they never really tell you how to visualize effectively. Most of them don't even teach a little bit about it. In many books you read something like this: "Close your eyes and visualize yourself driving that wonderful car you want". O.K. And I'm going to say the same: "Close your eyes and visualize yourself driving that wonderful car you want". Or simply: "Visualize that car in front of you". Now, close your eyes and try for 15, 20, 30, or as many seconds or minutes as you want, and the surest thing to happen is that you're not going to see anything of the kind. Just try and what you will see is just an afterimage of the thing or things that are before your eyes. Visualization also demands rigorous discilpline.

I'm going to give you the first tricks to make your visualization more effective:

Don't stand in front of a window. Also avoid any kind of light in front of you. If there's light it must be behind you. There must be a wall or a flat surface in front of you; it must be opaque and without contrasts. If it is a wall there MUST NOT be any pictures on it.
Stand in front of this wall or surface with your eyes open for at least 20 seconds, then close your eyes. Don't look straight as if trying to see through your eyelids. Just lift your eyes and try to see as if there were a screen outside your forehead. Begin trying to create simple things. I recommend visualizing a little ball. Add the color you most like.

A simple exrcise like the one suggested here may not show good results the first time it is tried, but it improves with practice.

The next post will teach you much more about visualization.

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