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If you have already learned the words corresponding to the numbers 00 to 09, and the ones corresponding to the numbers 1 to 100, then it will be easy for you to remember the numbers suggested on the previous post. (See previous post --English version).

Let's remember those numbers: 


I suggest doing this in order to rememeber these numbers:

Imagine that a LOG(16) is rolling fast and dangerously down a hill. This LOG is threateningly approaching a MOB(38). These people get frightened and run for their lives until they reach the SHORE(20). Along the SHORE there are many NIBS(98) That magically start flying and then they fall into a large jar of  JUICE(64). Then the JUICE is consumed by the members of a sports TEAM(73). All the members of this TEAM try forcefully to move an enormous ROOK(04). Another TEAM(73) comes to help. This new TEAM has a PUMA(93) printed on their T-shirts. One PUMA from one of the T-shirts comes to life, and runs to the sea where there is a ROWER(00) on a raft. The ROWER desperately begs GOD(65) to help him. GOD takes him to a safe and distant SHORE(20). On this SHORE there is a large drawing of a FACE(74) on the sand. This FACE gets full of DOVES(55). Then the DOVES fly toward a MOB(38). The MOB runs as if to reach a sports TEAM(73). This TEAM  begins to play a HARP(09), and it sounds very well on a RADIO(05). The RADIO suddenly changes its shape into a LYRE(10). Then the strings of the LYRE become TUBES(78).

NOTE: A  HARP and a LYRE may look alike. Make the difference by thinking of their sizes. A harp is large, a lyre is small and somewhat usually rounded. Or you can use HORN instead of HARP.
TUBE represents 78. Be careful not to think of tubes when you use PIPE, which represents number 99; in this case think of a flute. It's also a good idea to think of PIPE as the usually curved tube used for smoking. You MUST NOT confuse the images thought.

If you have seen somebody memorize large amounts of numbers on TV, probably you didn't know, but this is the technique employed by all those memorizers. Of course, they don't use the same words we use here, but the technique works the same way. 

You can use the file in many different ways, for example to remember phone numbers, important dates, the periodic table of elements, etc.

This is a game you can practice with your friends: Ask them to give a list of words. you can begin practicing with 12 or 15 words. Then number those words. Let's suppose that the following five words were dictated by them:

1. HEN
4. TIE

In order to remember numbered words all you have to do is use the mental file. For example 1 is WHALE; all you have to do is connect WHALE to HEN. So, imagine a WHALE with a HEN on its back. Just see the HEN stumbling and struggling not to fall. Then connect SPOON to number 2 in the file, which is SHOE. Imagine a SHOE with lots of SPOONS inside. 
For the 3th word think of a HAM, which is three in the file. Just imagine that a big HAM is thrown upon a CHAIR whose legs get broken.
Then imagine a KIWI(4) (a bird) proudly wearing a nice tie.
The 5th word in the file is EVE, and here you have CLOUD. All you have to do is see EVE (Adam's wife) sitting on a CLOUD.
Continue doing so until you reach the last word. 

The more you practice the more skilled you become.

REMEMBER: This file works only in English. See the two, or better yet, the three previous posts to have it clear. 

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