Friday, June 10, 2011


Well, you're trying to visualize by closing your eyes with the purpose of creating images so you can see them with your mind's eye. But then you discover that it is not so easy, or even worse, impossible.
Somebody may ask you to close your eyes and suggest something like visualizing money. So you try to visualize especially the highest denominations of dollar bills, or the highest valued bills belonging to your country. But are you sure of what exactly those bills look like? Bills usually have pictures of historical personages on them: on the right, the left, the center, etc. They also have signatures, designs, and many other things. This means that before visualizing something you need to know exactly what this thing looks like. But even though,  having a clear idea of what exactly the thing you're trying to visualize looks like, it's still impossible to visualize it once you have closed your eyes.
WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN?  The answer is simple. When you close your eyes, the things that are before them, remain being seen, sometimes for a long while. The more contrasts in color, or light and darkness the stronger the afterimages in your mind. So then, would it be easy for you to create a mental picture while all those contrasts of colors and shadows still remain? Of course not. It's just like trying to do a drawing upon a drawing or a picture. In order to do a drawing you need a blank piece of paper; the same happens when it is about visualizing. All those contrasts of colors and shadows are the drawing or picture upon which you're trying to place your mental image. You have to remove them. That's why you have to avoid any kind of light in front of you. Then you need to stare at a flat surface for at least 20 seconds. This surface can be a wall or a large sheet of pasteboard, and it must be opaque and without contrasts of color.
In the last post it was suggested that you visualize a very simple thing, for example a little ball. And that you could add the color you most like. Now my question is: Which is easier for you to visualize, the ball or the color? Visualizing colors is also extremely complicated for many people. And if it is also hard for you, then you should practice watching colors, especially the neat and intense ones. Try first only one at a time. Then you can make combinations.
Visualize simple things. I'm sure you've tried as I suggested in the last post by visualizing a little ball and adding the color you most like.
Now I recommend visualizing a little cube. Try to see it in different colors. Then you can make it rotate. Motion is essencial once you start doing remote influencing.

Here is another recommendation:
Place an object on a table. It can be a cup, a book, a bottle, or a photograph of something. Stare at it for a while, then blink as taking a photograph of it, keep on blinking for several times having intervals of about three seconds. Close your eyes and you will see this object or photograph in your mind. Of course, it will be just an afterimage, but this exercise will be very useful in the visualization process.


  1. Second recommendation is very easy. But I have suggestion. In my organisation they teach to visualise with open eyes. Sounds difficult and strange. But it is true.When u close your eyes and do visualisation then you tend to sleep. Whey u visualise with open eyes you tend to visualise what you want and do not see what is physically available in front of eyes.