Friday, November 4, 2011


O.K. Here we go again!
I hope all these days you've been practicing concentration, visualization, and memorization.
As it has been mentioned before, everybody can influence someone from any distance --long or short. And I'm going to tell you something not many people know: "Active brains are the most effective remote influencers". Of course, active brains need a special control. By active brains I mean brains that keep exercising. That's why the memorization method taught here becomes a very useful tool. Of course, relaxation, concentration, and visualization are absolutely necessary. If you have an active brain, you have what it takes to do it. If you don't, then start by practicing what has been taught here, that's a good start.
There are other things you can do: Solving all kind of puzzles, especially all those related to mathematics and abstract reasoning. But please, be sociable. Reading is also very important, but you've got to be sceptical. This means that you can read about verbal hypnosis, telepathy, remote influencing, etc. from different sources, but please don't swallow everything. Even though there are some evidences related to telekinesis, psychokinesis, etc., many claim to have powers they don't really have, and teach wrong things. 

Remember that this is a practice exercise on remote influence. And as you're not completely ready you may not have immediate results. You need to practice constantly.
This exercise is very similar to the one in the (last post) post "CONCENTRATION AND VISUALIZATION". You just follow all the steps, but when focusing your attention, just do it on the person you're intending to influence. Visualization makes this easier. So if you're a good visualizer you're going to see results more easily. 
The person you're intending to remote influence may be someone you like, someone you want to begin a relationship with, or a person you're going to do business with, as buying or selling something. You can also do this for a job. 
The purpose of this exercise is to create rapport with the person you're intending to remote influence. This kind of rapport is called "Remote Rapport". People who can create remote rapport get conversational rapport effectively.
Before beginning this exercise you've got to be relaxed, in a good mood, free of worries, not exhausted, not anxious, etc.

Well, follow the steps suggested in the last post and after focusing on the person you want to remote influence, you will see that person surrounded by a color; allow that color to surround you and walk toward that person feeling self-assured. Then as if you were a ghost let your will go inside that person and plant your thoughts or intention, but do it in a subtle way, don't be imperative. Being imperatve may cause a counterproductive effect. It is necessary to look at yourself from the other person's viewpoint and transmit reciprocal acceptance.

Good luck! 


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  2. How does a person block someone from using remote influence on them?

  3. How does a person block someone from using remote influence on them?