Thursday, November 24, 2011


This is just a very simple hypnosis practice that will let you measure your capacity and at the same time it will let you analyze and see how the way you feel inside is crucial when conveying you sensations in a sudden way directly to another mind.

Do it first the way it is suggested next:

1.  Tell somebody that you want to perform a hypnosis act on them.

2.  Tell the person you intend to hypnotize that they will always be conscious, that they will only feel the effects of hypnosis. And that they won't do anything they don't want to do.

3.  Start by saying:
As you well know, the human body has voluntary movements and actions, and involuntary movements and actions.  But some involuntary movements and actions can become voluntary just because we want them to be that way.
Some involuntary actions are salivation, eye blinking, breathing, etc., but we can make them voluntary whenever we want.

4.  Just continue...
For example, we can produce saliva when we need it, and we do it unconsciously. But we can also produce saliva at will, even though we don't need it; in this case we do it consciously.

5.  I don't know how easy it is for you to produce saliva at will. But you can try. And you can help yourself by imagining a lemon being cut in two. You can see one half of that lemon being squeezed so that you can feel its acid juice under your tongue. Either way you do it, you're doing it at will.

6.  Well, now that you've seen that you can produce saliva at will, you can start producing it now. I don't know how fast you can do it, just go your own rythm. Very well! Yes, gathering it in your mouth.

7.  Well, now that you have gathered enough saliva in your mouth, I think you feel you want to swallow it. No problem! Just swallow all the saliva you've gathered.

8.  And now that you're conscious that you can produce saliva at will, you can start producing more saliva again. Just do it the way you have just done.

9.  Yes, that way! Produce more saliva and gather it in your mouth.

10.  Now you've got enough saliva in your mouth again. But, there is a problem... YOUR MOUTH IS TOTALLY BLOCKED! Obstructed. Totally closed as with dry cement. And it is impossible for you to swallow. And the more you try the harder it becomes.

11.  If the person is having trouble in swalowing, tell them that they will be O.K., and that they will swallow normally after hearing the word ZERO after counting backwards from five.
"Five, four, three, two, one, ZERO."  Everything is O.K. Now you can swallow normally. You can do it easily, very easily!

You've got to feel confident when performing this hypnosis practice. And it will be more effective if you do it as follows:
Before telling the person your purpose stare at them for 10 seconds. Then close your eyes and visualize this person having trouble with their throat trying helplessly to swallow their saliva. This visualization must be momentary. The clearer the picture in your mind the more effective your result. And it will be even more effective if you feel your throat blocked while you're visualizing the person having trouble with their throat. Transmit this to the person as if sending waves, but don't show any sign of it.
The person won't feel anything at the time you're doing this, it will take effect once you start with point 10 (once you tell them that their THROAT IS TOTALLY BLOCKED!...)

Well, start with number 1 looking the person in the eyes, but don't do it strongly. Stop looking them in the eyes once in a while. But do it more strongly when you reach number 5.
Don't do it strongly when you reach number 6.
Do it strongly again while you say number 10. And at this point while you speak feel as if you were throwing needles from your eyes. (You can practice this exercise of "throwing needles from your eyes" looking at yourself in the mirror, preferably a large one).

If you perform  this hypnosis act as suggested by using visualization and feeling the sensation of a blocked throat your results will be a lot more effective.
It is also necessary to add that this hypnosis act when performed as immediately above suggested, involves --as you've already seen, verbal hypnosis, remote influence, and remote hypnosis, though it is not exactly remote hypnosis.

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