Friday, April 22, 2011


When you try to remember a list of words, it is hard to do it by just repeating and repeating. Images are more effective than words. So you should create mental images of these words. But then you see you find yourself in trouble; you dont' remember the order of the words, and it is still hard to bring them all to mind.
Creating mental images is the right thing to do. But then you have to give them life and start linking the first word up with the second one, and continue doing so until you reach the last one.

Here is the list again:


For SKY, imagine the SKY. The next word is HAND. Now imagine that the SKY suddenly starts being torn and a big HAND appears from it. This HAND takes a PENCIL, which is also very big and long. Then the PENCIL is drawn along a HIGHWAY. Then a somewhat long empty area of this HIGHWAY suddenly breaks away from the ground, as if it were a leather strap. Then this strap, which is the HIGHWAY, starts waving in the air and a big WATCH takes shape in the middle of the strap. The WATCH has a white board with a drawing of a TREE on it. Magically this TREE comes alive and its leaves become MONEY. You try to take the MONEY but it suddenly turns PURPLE. Surprised you see a WITCH. You know she was the one who did it. Then the WITCH causes to appear plenties of EGGS (no problem, you can use the plural), and she starts throwing the EGGS at a HELICOPTER. The HELICOPTER loses control and falls upon a very big UMBRELLA, which gets completely smashed.

Take a look at the list of words again, and while you do that, try to remember this story. Then name the words one by one in order. You won't have any trouble.

Ask someone to give you a list of words for you to practice. Use your imagination and link them consecutively. The weirder of the situations imagined the easier for you to remember the words.

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