Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Remote influence, which is nothing more than telepathy at a higher level, is the key to remote hypnosis. Remote influence also demands rigorous discipline, and this means that you need to start a process that will help you develop this skill.
Everybody can influence other people from a distance. You have been influencing many people and you have been influenced by others too. But when a person hasn't been appropriately trained, their remote influencing effectiveness is very low, and of course the results are practically none.
In most cases people remote influence others unconsciously, and sometimes with great effectiveness. An example of this is when you come across somebody you've been thinking of. Of course, in many cases it is just  coincidence. Self-deceit usually happens, but after some practice you will see that your results start increasing.

There are certain things that you need to do so you can make your remote influence more and more effective. The first thing has to do with your will. You need to have a powerful will. So then, you have to work on it.
You must not be addicted to anything, You can smoke, but you must not be addicted to smoking. You can drink once in a while, but you must not be addicted to drinking. And the same happens to sex.

There are other addictions that people don't even consider addictions; and those are the addictions to emotions. Emotions become addictions. And people who are addicted to their emotions are always subconsciously trying to get their dose. A person addicted to anger, subconsciously looks for situations that can make them feel angry. Addictions must disappear.

You will need to learn how to concentrate. There are many benefits that come from concentration. You'll need to improve your memory, and you'll need to learn how to visualize.
Visualization, good memory, concentration, a powerful will; all these things are completely related.

The next post will teach you the first exercises and many interesting things.

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