Monday, April 25, 2011


There is a tendency nowadays to consider memorization as something that must be taken away from the learning process. Analysis indeed, is what every student must do. But handling a good memorization method is just amazingly effective. And it is even better when it helps you improve your analytical way of studying and thinking. Memorizing words as suggested on the last post is a simple but effective trick that is worth practicing. Among many other advantages, it will help your brain acquire "hi-fi" visualization --visualization is really different from imagining things.
When asked whether it is easier to imagine things; with the eyes closed or with the eyes open; most people answer that it is easier with the eyes closed.
Let me describe something for you, and while you read, just go on imagining what I describe just keeping your eyes open:

Imagine a cascade falling from a rocky area of a hill. The hill is full of trees of different sizes and heights. The cascade falls into a wide extent of water, which looks turbulent and foamy where this cascade falls. But just about ten meters (30 feet) away from this spot the water looks so still and clean that you can see the stones on its bottom.

I'm sure you have now a clear idea of what this landscape looks like.
Now, close your eyes and try to see what I have just described and calculate 10 to 15 seconds to open your eyes.

O.K., the most probable thing is that you couldn't see anything. It means that you need to learn how to visualize --it is going to be taught here later. But first you need to imagine things and give them power while keeping your eyes open. Your brain is going to enjoy this.
Imagining things  without having to close our eyes is more comfortable, since we can keep our eyes open while someone is describing for example  a place or a person.
What we really need in order to make our memory more and more effective is to play with our imagination, creating images that go beyond reality.
Here is a good execise that will help you recall something that you have to do in a determined situation, for example calling somebody after a meeting. I recommend taking a close look at the exit door and imagine the person you have to call standing there. Imagine that once the meeting is finished this person starts kicking that door like crazy, you can even imagine that he or she brings the door down crying CALL ME! For sure, once the meeting is over you're going to see this scene again in your mind. It will make you laugh and then you're going to make that call.

In the next post learn how to create a mental file.

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